The 11 Best Free Font Websites for Free Fonts Online (2024)

Not everyone can afford the license for a popular paid font. If you're looking for a font to use in a new branding project, a poster, or website, you might be on the lookout for a font that you can use commercially, and preferably for free.

Thankfully, the internet is filled with free font websites. We're going to list the best websites where you can download fonts for free, perfect for your next project.

1. Google Fonts

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Google Fonts has one of the greatest collections of web-ready fonts. It offers more than 1,500 different font families. You can narrow down your searches by category, language, popularity, and even attributes like thickness or width.

One of the best things about Google Fonts is its versatile font preview tool. You can choose to preview a paragraph or a sentence with any given font. You can increase the font size or switch to a different version of the font as well.

The site also has a section called Fonts Knowledge, which provides original guides about the world of typography. For example, you can learn how to achieve the perfect font combination.

When you've found the font you need, you can download it to your computer or grab the code to embed it on your website.


The 11 Best Free Font Websites for Free Fonts Online (2) sells a huge variety of fonts, but it also offers over 1,300 free font families. You can filter these by classification, weight, width, language, and more. It also shows you at a glance what mediums the font can be used in.

Handily, as you explore each font's page, provides examples of how it could look in your project, with flyers, banners, logos and other mock-ups.

3. Font Bundles

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Font Bundles helps designers save a couple of bucks by curating font bundles. The website also features a free fonts section which lists hundreds of free fonts that you can download and use once you sign up for an account.

Alongside the permanent standard free fonts, one premium font gets featured on the Free Font of the Week page. These also come with a license that allows you to use them commercially at no cost. If you're a budding typographer, you should bookmark this page and return to it every week.

4. Behance

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Behance is the place where some of the world's best designers showcase their creative work. Some designers even use it as a portfolio website, while others use it to display and share their work, be it design assets or fonts.

If you like to experiment with fonts, just search for "free fonts" on Behance. You won't always find a complete font set with multiple versions, but you'll definitely find something that will pique your interest.

Behance is a good place to explore if you're looking for fonts to use in a graphic design project. Anything to do with logos, social media banners, and posters will get you good results. But if you're looking for a new typeface for a website or a blog, this is probably not the right place.

5. Dribbble

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Dribbble is a similar platform to Behance, though not as popular, and is mainly preferred by UI designers. You'll find a sizable selection of fonts on Dribbble, with plenty of modern, script, and serif fonts available to grab. Just search for "free fonts" to get started.

6. DaFont

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DaFont is one of the oldest and the best sources for downloading fonts. DaFont features more than 77,000 fonts on its website.

Filtering through such a huge collection can be challenging. Therefore, Dafont has a category system at the top. This is the best place to start. Explore a sub-category like Cartoon or Handwritten. You can also sort the list using themes like Halloween, Rustic, Fantastic, and so on.

When you find a font you like, you can download it to your system without creating an account.

7. UrbanFonts

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UrbanFonts is one of the best free font sites. The website is easy to use and pleasing to the eye; it shares a similar structure to DaFont, which makes it easy to navigate. You can sort through based on a category, release date, or popularity.

UrbanFont has a great preview feature—you can select from presets or enter custom text, and change the background color, which then dynamically updates the preview of all the fonts.

8. FontSpace

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FontSpace is a font directory with more than 100,000 available fonts. It takes a visual approach to displaying fonts. Along with the usual editable font preview, you'll also find an image from the designer that showcases the font. If you're looking for fonts for a graphic design project, seeing them used in an image is certainly helpful.

By default, FontSpace shows all fonts. If you want to only see fonts that are available for free commercial use, check the appropriate filter on the search page.

9. Font Squirrel

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Font Squirrel is a bit different from the other websites on this list because it not only has its own fonts, but also compiles fonts from other websites and links out to them. All the fonts are free for commercial use and come in either OTF or TTF format.

You can filter the fonts by type, category, tags, and more. The Test Drive functionality lets you preview the font with different text, even when it's an external download.

10. Fontesk

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Fontesk provides a curated library of high-quality fonts, across a variety of themes and styles. All the fonts are available for personal use, with over half of them also free to use commercially—you can easily filter depending on your need.

Handily, Fontesk doesn't require any registration to download the fonts, nor is there any limitation on how many you can download.

11. 1001 Free Fonts

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1001 Free Fonts offers way more fonts than its name suggests—and thankfully, the "free" part remains true. These are helpfully organized into categories like Brush, Graffiti, Headline, and Typewriter, or you can just scroll through the latest additions to the catalog.

Take note that these are free for personal use only. If you have commercial needs, you need to buy a license.

Add the New Fonts to Your Programs

The free font websites above make it easy to pick an aesthetically pleasing font. You can download thousands of great fonts to spice up any project. Then, if you're a designer, you'll likely want to add the fonts to Photoshop to get more variety beyond the default choices.

The 11 Best Free Font Websites for Free Fonts Online (2024)


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