One piece: Buggy the clown from Arkham - Chapter 165 (2024)

c163 Can you cry one?

In response to Diamanti’s roar, Bucky just raised an eyebrow.

What have you done?

That’s a bit much.

From the greetings at the human auction, Vergo’s rebellion, to the action of directly occupying the magpie’s nest.

Not to mention how much fun Brother Ming gave him, at least he spent a lot of time.

Bucky raised the corners of his mouth again, and his expression became a little happier.

What’s even more interesting is the other party’s current attitude.

Wait for him a while.

In Brother Ming’s mind, the entire kingdom has become a arena for two people at this time, and it is a scene where life and death are inevitable.

It was as if someone ran into his house, sat on his chair, and hugged his wife.

He also greeted himself warmly.

But his family turned to see him as his enemy.

The humiliation can be imagined.

If he were an ordinary person, he would have taken out his kitchen knife and wanted to fight the clown to the death.

But Brother Ming is always different.

He is more decisive and cruel.

So what he couldn’t stand was the joke in the clown’s eyes.

He sees himself as a game.

That joking look was like a superior looking down, watching him kill his family members one by one.

Then he clapped his hands happily.

This was what he couldn’t accept the most.

Brother Ming simply took the torch, lit his family and his house on fire, and used the fire to surround the clown and himself inside.

The clown doesn’t care about anything, but he cares too much, which is why he is in this situation.

As long as you abandon everything.


See the clown cry!


“Diamanti, you did a great job.”

Brother Ming appreciates his loyalty, but still does not allow himself to have this weakness.

I won’t be a joke!

Moreover, during this process, Brother Ming could feel that his integration with the devil was getting deeper and deeper, and they became the closest existence.

All he had to do to get away from the immortal demon was to abandon everything.

Make the clown cry…

White waves followed his footsteps, rolling up from the high ground.

Brother Ming gave his family the respect he soared down in person.

There is a thin white thread on the fingertips.

“Next, just stand with them, my family.”

“Bah bah it says I should be alone!”

Brother Ming’s posture is like a madman.

The expression on his face was both crying and laughing. Tears kept pouring down the corners of his mouth but he grinned high. Under his eyes, the empty eye holes showed a hint of agility.

The thin thread at the fingertips did not cut straight away, but suddenly strangled Diamanti.

“Dover!! What are you doing!”

Just as Diamanti had time to say a few words, she was tied up into a white cocoon by white threads.

Blood gradually seeps out from the white cocoon.

The other cadres immediately scattered in all directions.

“Young Master, are you crazy! That’s Diamanti!”

“He can even kill his most loyal top cadres!”

“Quick, run, this birdcage is coming for us!”

Only then did they realize the truth.

The other pirates’ eyes lit up.

The Don Quixote family is in internal strife, so don’t these artificial Devil Fruits belong to them? !

The opportunity for development is right in front of you!

Under Bailang’s push, the artificial Devil Fruit, a special existence that cannot be assimilated, was also pushed down.

Like a strong wind blowing through an orchard, the ripe fruits roll along with the wind.


The braided pirate clenched the machete in his hand, his eyes green.

He rushed towards a dot-shaped fruit.

The fruit was like a floating leaf floating on the river, almost within reach.

The braided pirate used his machete to slash and chop off his competitor’s hands and feet, and he caught the fruit in his hand.

But the next moment, he felt a chill in his heart.

A long cone emerged from the white line and penetrated his chest at an extremely fast speed.

It’s not just him.

The white line covering the high ground of the King sprouted dense spikes, swallowing up those who challenged the majesty of the family.

The red cocoon quietly broke open.

Diamanti walked out again, her eyes vacant.

A thin line extends from the top of the skull to Brother Ming’s fingertips.

His body further turned into white lines, as if the natural elements had turned into elements.

“It’s still a little short, just a little more and it’ll be fine…”

Brother Ming chuckled.

Two tears slipped down from under the empty eye holes.

His demon has been awakened for a long time, and now it is further stimulated by him.

If the demon clown gradually awakens in the chaos of joy, Ming Ge has already awakened and uses ruthless and ruthless methods to further integrate the demon and the thread fruit.

But he still felt different from the clown.

In the perception of sight and color, all the physical characteristics and emotional expressions of the clown do not exist.

It’s like a lone devil fruit.

“Eat him and become a demon.”

“With their words, it should be okay, hehe.”

Brother Ming’s thinking became a little sluggish, and he didn’t consider whether his path would be wrong at all.

Devil Fruit is originally the most magical thing in this sea.

Before the Joker, research on Devil Fruits only focused on blood factors and demon awakening.

Even a lot of mysteries such as how to awaken, why there are ancient species, phantom beast species, and why some have the ability to directly delete memories have not been solved.

And it can’t be changed.

Then just go on the road of assimilation with the devil until the end!


Ming Ge jumped up, and a bunch of white lines suddenly shot out from his palm, like a long whip, at a very fast speed.

The half-fishman Delinjie had already run to the edge of the birdcage.


He looked panicked, and he gasped for the white line that was like a sky curtain with one foot after another.

The white line scraped the soles of his feet until they were bloody.

But the fear of Ming Ge’s posture completely overwhelmed the pain.

“Crazy… He’s crazy!”

“Hurry up, I have to run quickly, run to the sea, yes! As long as I run to the sea, I can survive!”

“The Don Quixote family is gone!”

Outside the birdcage, a white carrier pigeon flapped its wings a few times and hung in the air. It had a black camera hanging on its chest, facing Delinjie.

“The bounty is 15 million Baileys. The pirate Derringer is dead.”

Under the pigeon, a man in a suit took a step forward and stretched out his left hand. The pigeon’s claws grabbed his fingers and cooed a few times.

“What nonsense are you talking about, running dog!”

Derringer roared a few words in the cage. People in masks and suits are basically people from the World Government.

But his shouting stopped abruptly.

The white wire fell from the sky, like an armor-piercing bullet, instantly piercing his chest.

Derringer’s finger was still pointing at the man in the suit, but his body fell in vain, facing the white wire, and was cut into several pieces by the sharp birdcage.

“Hehe, this alone is not enough to atone for your sins.”

“Rob Lucci.”

Lucci pressed his ear.

The voice coming from inside was teasing, like the whisper of a mature woman.

“I know.”

Lucci responded coldly.

After the Judicial Island incident, Spandam, who had a backer, had nothing to worry about, but CP9, who had worked hard undercover in Water City for seven years and worked hard, became the scapegoat.

Not only did he lose his identity, but he was also hunted by the navy.

Thanks to the other partners of the original CP9 who did not abandon him, they fled to the Spring Queen City, Santa Pobla.

Not long after recovering from his injury, Lucci came into contact with the woman on the other end of the headset.


An existence that is one level higher in secrecy than their CP9.

He knew that the other party’s code name was “Fox”.

Fox gave them a chance to restore their original identities, but the conditions were also not low…


On the King’s Highland, Ming Ge bent his fingers.

Although his observation Haki was not enough to cover the entire kingdom, it was enough to perceive the range within the birdcage at present.

He raised his head and wanted to squeeze out a tear from the corner of his eyes.

Ming Ge had tasted the sweetness of this path and naturally became dependent on it.

But this time, his mood did not seem to change at all.

Deringer can be considered as his family…

His brows were furrowed.

The momentum of the huge wave formed by the white lines also paused.

In his expectation, every time a family member died, his fusion with the devil would be further advanced.

After all the family members were with him forever.

He would become an immortal devil.

But after Diamante, other “family members” did not seem to touch him so deeply…

It was like killing a stranger.

“It shouldn’t be!”

Mingge felt a little like the progress bar had been loaded to 99%, but he found that the network cable was unplugged.

The mood was indescribable.

His figure flashed and appeared behind an old man in tights, with five sharp white lines drawn out from his fingertips.

“Five-color line!”

“Earth Fist!”

Even if he was the young master, Lao G was not ready to be killed. When he joined the Mingge family, he was already quite old, so naturally he did not have any special dependence.

He was also a boxing master!

“G’s Seal!”

Facing his young master, Lao G had no intention of testing or hiding his weakness. He started with the secret of his boxing skills.

His originally shriveled and hunched body suddenly stood up, and his muscle lines were as strong as marble carvings.

The secret of the Di Weng Fist, the fighting fist.

A kind of Qigong that can accumulate the power of his youth.

It came in handy at this time.

But in front of Mingge’s five-color thread at this time, the flesh and blood body was too fragile.

The thin thread cut Lao G’s palm, and the crack went deep into the bone.

Just to save his life next time.

Mingge appeared beside Lao G with an indifferent look.

For a boxer like him, such a close distance should be his best time to perform, but Lao G only felt cold all over.

Several thread ends opened up beside Mingge like the mouth of a carnivorous plant.

Caught Lao G.

The thread was pulled out into a long line, like silk floating in the wind, wrapping around Lao G’s body. Suddenly, the long line was gathered.

Meat pieces mixed with blood splattered everywhere——

The empty eye sockets added a bit of agility.

But there was no progress that Mingge expected.

99% of the progress advanced by 0.01.


“Interesting, interesting!”

“You really didn’t let me down, Doflamingo.”

Buggy clapped his hands repeatedly, his expression was very happy.

He liked this performance.

Killing, killing, killing to the end, showing this confused expression.

What’s more interesting is Mingge’s exploration on the road to the awakening of the devil.

Just like him at the beginning, they rushed all the way without any theoretical premise or reference.

The only difference is that Buggy also counted the devils, and Mingge obviously didn’t realize this.

But he was not interested in waiting any longer.

Wait for you for a while…

Are you also a cute little bat?

However, Mingge no longer had any sharp edges that Buggy was interested in bending and smoothing.

“Be more cheerful.”

Buggy held a card in his hand and gently broke it.

A fine mist fell from the air.


“No… I don’t know.”

The pirates who ate the right artificial devil fruit suddenly raised their heads, their eyes were confused, but their mouths unconsciously grinned.

“Since you are lazy, you must be prepared to pay more.”

Buggy narrowed his eyes.

Of course, there is no free lunch in the world.

Not to mention the things given by the clown.

Using the crazy will of the laughing virus to increase the success rate of artificial devil fruits, you must be prepared to serve his game.


Baki flicked his finger.

Dozens of wildly laughing beasts appeared on the King’s Highlands.

The fur of the animals squeezed out their flesh, and their eyes even surpassed the instinct of animals, but were filled with a kind of madness.


The wild monkey with red eyes laughed wildly and pounced on Mingge.

The posture was fierce and agile.

The fangs were exposed.

“Let this group of scum come to trouble me…”

Mingge’s palm had no flesh and blood, and the bones were replaced by white lines, but a tense sound was made in a moment.

“Do you look down on me, clown!”

“Fierce bullet!”

The white waves surged and entangled, tightly winding a bunch of white lines like bullets, and the ends of the lines were painted with black armed color domineering.

It suddenly pierced the chest of the pirate.

Mingge’s face was extremely gloomy.

First, in the palace, he let his family take action, and now he let these puppets take action.

Mingge didn’t think the clown was timid or afraid of fighting.

Instead, he felt that the clown looked down on him.

This should have been the end of the game with a life-and-death duel between two strong men!

But when he turned around, he found that the chess player at the other end of the chessboard called his three-year-old nephew to play against him.

What does it mean?

“Fierce Bullet!”

“Fierce Bullet!!”

“Fierce Bullet!!!”

Mingge roared.

The entire King’s Highland was dissolved into white lines, and then tightly tied into a series of line bullets. The other end of the line was tightly connected to Mingge’s body.

His body also turned into white lines and spread out.

Mingge can transform into elements, but he can’t reverse it.

This is a one-shot deal.

The fierce bullet swept through the town, and the birdcage was further tightened. The laughing animal was still a crazy hunter the moment before, and turned around to become the prey of the fierce bullet.

The white line pierced the bodies of the pirates, and dark red blood continued to seep out, soaking into the white line and gradually dyeing it red.

It was like a layer of blood scabs.

Black Armament Haki climbed up at the same time.

“Can you cry?”

Ming Ge’s eyes became extremely terrifying, and the devil’s momentum mixed with the domineering Haki also vented out, and the black lines and black lightning intertwined.

Appeared on the murderous bullet.

A different kind of entanglement.

Tears kept flowing from the corners of Ming Ge’s eyes, and even his family were entangled and tied up in a bunch of murderous bullets.

His family…

“24 sacred murderous bullets·Devil May Cry!”

Happy New Year!!!

One piece: Buggy the clown from Arkham - Chapter 165 (2024)


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