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Hello my name is LovelyPrincessN64 I'm the girl who is always happy to accept your request to draw whatever your mind but please be respectful☺

Info about me:

1. The reason why I started Tumblr account so everybody can have a chance to request something for me to draw since I felt bad to alienate people so I decided to give it a shot and give everybody a chance to so they won't feel left out.

2. Don't repost my art especially without my consent if I find out that it has been reposted without my consent or stolen my work there will be a screenshot and there will be a call out post especially with a report do not put yourself at risk and most importantly do not vandalize my art or there will be consequences for bad behavior.

3. I accept people's requests regardless of identity or sexual orientation and regardless of race or skin color meaning everybody's welcome to do so as long as people follow the rules and be respectful and understanding also I'm very open of taking requests but before you ask me please follow the rules before asking.

Note: if you try to harass me if your request violates one of these rules and if you try to bully me and send me nasty messages I will block you so before you request please follow the rules and the link please understand and please be respectful and one more thing please don't rush me my drawings take time.

4. In my spare time I try to brainstorm ideas of what to draw and when I'm on brakes I play video games and relax for a bit and yes I have a life outside of the internet.

5. Things not to do: Don't Force something down my throat, No NFTS and AI art, No victimhood card or any false accusing especially harassment, don't ask me for stuff I don't feel comfortable with, No cancel culture business, No death threats or nasty messages, No slurs such as N word especially cis or the L word those words are an insult and keep it to yourself please no one wants to hear or see that, No buzzwords because no one wants to hear that or see that as well and to top it all off it's stupid victimhood cry baby that no one wants to see and it's embarrassing, Don't Force AI down my throat, No oppressed excuse it's stupid and no one wants to see it, No false accusing do not put yourself at risk, No spams or spam Bots, No Nonsense only common sense, Do not force me to go against my beliefs or religious beliefs it is wrong and it is discriminatory but most importantly treat people how you want to be treated and don't play victimhood, Don't act like an unhinged person or throw any baby Behavior, Don't be a snowflake when it comes down to satire keep in mind satires a joke and everybody can poke fun regardless of what side it's on and no excuses about it, and one important thing I take screenshots for evidence meaning if you try to threaten me or harass me or make up false excavations it will not be tolerated and it will be reported and most importantly an awareness post do not put yourself at risk, most importantly no funny business. Also if I find any false information about me on status updates you will be screenshot and blocked especially reported and by the way false accusing is not cool. Do not use just because it's a drawing it's not an excuse you may think it it's a gotcha however it is not an excuse to harass me or threaten me in any shape or form and you're rights stop when you violate mine, meaning that any attempts of doing it will get you screenshot and a status update report don't put yourself at risk. if you don't like it then move on I am not your babysitter I am just trying to provide for my clients including friends and most importantly enjoy what I love doing the most. No politics are not allowed and never will be also i don't any drama or fights, I just want everything about fun.

6. I have a random art styles that will go down in random madness and I like to customize or mix and match. One more thing every art styles I use or customize belongs to the rightful creators and credit goes to them, second my goal is to master every art style and hopefully become a style master I dreamed to be in my lifetime. Also art styles are not protected under copyright law meaning that you cannot own a style and I want to make this clear it's meant for creative purposes nothing more nothing less. Third you also have an option before requesting to request me a certain art style to do however it has to be something that I can actually do I don't mind new ones however I cannot do realistic is way too hard for me to do also I'll try that I can in the best of my abilities.

7. No Ai bros or NFTS and art thieves, No pedophiles and No groomers especially No Zoophiles, No trolls, No victim hustlers not welcome here and not allowed.

8. I do art trades now even on special events or secret santa events .

7. No using my work for stupid AI / No using for NFTS. DO NOT USED without my consent, if I say no it means no👎!

8. Be respectful and have fun but most importantly be kind and be nice and treat people how you want to be treated.

9. The notes and chat are for requests only or something else most importantly do not send me any nasty notes or messages any attempts of doing it will get you screenshot for evidence and a status update will be made to spread awareness take my advice think before you do it.

10. Anyone is welcome to send me a request regardless if someone is a follower or not everybody deserves a chance.

11. I'm also accepting Art trades now after some thinking I decided fully confirm that I'll be doing art trades however there is a chance that I might not do it in time due to something bad happening or suffering health issues from over working if that happens I do sincerely apologize however I will do my best.

12. All of my works are completely fiction also I do not condone or support any behaviors, you are responsible of whatever happens to you especially actions take responsibility instead of blaming artists take accountability for what you do instead of crying and victim blaming. Artists are not emotional support animals or babysitters don't treat us like that we have lives too and we have freedom of speech it's not okay to violate someone's freedom of expression if you don't like it just move past it and move on don't cause drama be the responsible person instead of being an irresponsible baby. Don't blend reality and fiction together, it's as simple as that.

13. If you're lucky you may catch me stirring up a request event for those of you that don't know I reached a certain milestone of requests because of these amazing achievements and a huge thank you to the fans out there I decided to make something special for all including to enjoy request events are based off of holidays special occasions including many other specials as well if you're interested feel free to go to the events although big disclaimer unlike normal requests you have to request based on special event themes based on options available if that's not your thing you have an option to send me a normal request and don't worry I understand your reasons and opinions.

14. I'm open to criticism as long as it's constructive and reasonable regardless if your friend, watcher, or just a visitor however no unrealistic standards and no bad mouthing or ugly behavior will not be tolerated.

15. I will answer questions but be respectful and no personal or fun business.

16. If you don't have anything to request for me to draw and trying to start trouble THEN GET OUT OF MY REQUEST STORE!!!

17. Be respectful and don't be a jackass.

18. Things that will get you banned and what's not allowed: if you're an AI bro that likes to insult artists and mocks artists it will get you banned, using a tragic event as an excuse will get you banned, using conversations that don't belong in art will get you banned as well, sending me threats will get you banned regardless of what it is, trying to force something down my throat will get you banned, forcing me to use AI down my throat will get you banned and not be tolerated I do not want to use it if you like it that's fine but that doesn't mean you should harass someone or force it down their throat, making fun of certain groups of real life people with talents will get you banned, trying to get me force NFTs down my throat will get you a banned, Using victimhood or victimhood hustling as an excuse to harass me we'll get you a banned keep in mind be nice to people regardless and it is not an excuse to harass people, No CP if you try to send one that will also get you banned, using it disability as an excuse will get you banned, if you're a person that uses AI and tries to pass it as your own will get you banned, No p*rn bots or p*rn accounts are not allowed you will be blocked if there's a single of it, no weird messages or messages that will get you screenshot blocked and banned, no pedophiles are not welcome, No zoophiles are not welcome, no predators are not welcome, No buzz words nobody wants to see that or hear that, no trolling, no death threats, no false accusing, no cry babies or cry baby behavior, more thing I will take screenshots for evidence and proof and a way to defend myself take my advice be nice be kind and don't be stupid and a bully or try to harass me and if you try to start a bullying campaign keep in mind I will screenshot every abuse you throw at me and will come back to haunt you do not take the risk.

19. Link to the rules and request events here:

Rules: No p*rnography, No Gay pair, No lesbian pair, No SJW propaganda, No nudity, No politics, No 18+, No cancel culture, No Nazis and the

Request event: Lunar New Year, Valentine's day and japan Valentine's white day, Italy Tifa 2nd anniversary, Mario day, National peanut butte

Come one and Come all today is spook mouth all day and night and this year I want to give everyone a special event for a holiday of horror a

Gobble gobble that's right this is the month of feast in the middle of the cozy autumn and this year is something special for the middle of

🎄Jingle Bells Jingle Bells all I want for Christmas is you. 🎁 it is the special time of the year December a month of Christmas joy and happi

9. Have fun and enjoy your fanservice and stay. 🔮💝💐

LovelyPrincessN64 @lovelyprincessn64 - Tumblr Blog | Tumlook (2024)


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